Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week 16

I was hoping to have completed more of my evaluation plan this weekend, I took all my work home with me, but left my memory stick at work. In some ways I can see why Google docs is so useful as you access your work from anywhere! So I had to make do with the information I had on Google docs (limited) and my handwritten notes.

The feedback from Bronwyn and others has been very useful as I try to bring everything together now in one document. Tyring to be creative with my analysis to cut down the word count, getting my head round frequencies, means etc (I knew there was a reason why I prefer qualitative work!) and trying to keep to the timeline.

Pleased to have been involved with the course, as I have to have a course up and running for online learning sooner than I thought! Ready for next semester, only a few weeks away! Back to my analysis and discussion.

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