Saturday, August 15, 2009


Before I move on to the next topic of our course, I have been taking time to further delve into the material and also refer & make comment on some of the blogs. I wonder if we are worrying that we are not a 'community' straight away, does it matter if we start out at as a network.

I think that a community cannot be created instantly and it does take time and willingnees for members to get to know each other, to converse and share thoughts and ideas freely.


  1. I agree entirely Rachel. I think that a community only starts when the participants are getting each other better. Otherwise it is only a network.



  2. I don't think we have to be a community and at the same time be wary of down grading a network but using terms such as "only".

    Herve...I am really interested to know why you've said "only" - do you see a network as being less useful or effective as a community?