Sunday, October 25, 2009

FOC09 - Catching up, Second Life & Mini Conference

Well, I know that I have some catching up to do and have definitely neglected the Facilitating Online Community for awhile, however I think I am getting my head round wikis, Second Life and also have signed up to the Online Facilitators Network on

I was able to experience one session in Second Life, which was a general orientation. Pommieangel (my alter ego) certainly enjoyed “jumping” around the place and began to get used to chatting (either using the chat function or via voice). In some aspects Second Life gives you freedom to explore and be someone that you may not necessarily be in your “true” life, whilst another part of me thought what are we doing sitting here, chatting through these avatars. I would like to have the time to explore this as a teaching method more as I could see benefits for students in role play situations, however, it would be good to see these in action.

In relation to facilitation, I could see that if you were having a meeting or some form of formal teaching that the use of facilitator and moderator could be required.

Although it would be great to have held something in Second Life for the mini conference, due to timing and also the technical issues that some people have with connection, then I think that I will change that.

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  1. Sorry to see you've chickened out (LOL)....SL can work really well and be a great place to have a meeting. But at the same time, I understand your concerns.

    What do you think you will do now?