Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A new year, a new focus for my blog!

Another year and I am back to my elearning blog. This time it is going to be used for one of my final papers of the Graduate Certificate in Applied eLearning – Special Topic. The strange thing is, that I am completing a ‘special project” along with the paper Educational Design for eLearning which is often one of the first papers that people take! Oh well nothing like doing things a bit differently.

This blog will support my Special Topic course. I feel that I am a little behind at this stage, hard to believe that it is already week 5 of my own teaching, so I know I am behind with my study.

The learning outcomes for the Special Topic are to identify and negotiate an applied eLearning topic, design the process/plan by which the goals will be achieved, implement the process while modifying as appropriate, present a progress report at agreed stages and produce a report outlining and critiquing the project and outcomes.

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