Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week 12

Slightly behind the course guideline, but on track on my evaluation plan timeline! I have just completed two of my interviews, one with an educational expert (although they prefer not to have that title!) and the other from a lecturer that has just become more involved with elearning.

My interview, with the "educational expert", was very interesting and probably very different than I had anticipated. It has made me consider my own f2f teaching and my personal reflective practice of my current teaching.

I think the key things at the moment is that it is all about "small chunks" - you do not have to think that you have to take a "whole course" and put it on-line, but you can make headway, by breaking it down, running with it, seeing how it works for you as lecturer and the student and then reflecting on it.

I look forward to my next two interviews and then getting my head stuck into the "documentation" I have said that I will analyse.

May have more time to do this if we get snowed in! Looking pretty bleak outside.


  1. Hi Rachel

    this is regarding your evaluation Plan - was not sure where to post my commenst so put them here
    Your plan is very good, i think you have all your bases covered. I liked the questions you formated to go along with the guidlines you picked. both guidlines are most appropriate for the introduction of new learnign resources.

    I see you did not do a student learning style survey, this was actully stright forward to do, and would of hepled towards answering 'How do students prefer to learn?'. i do understand about the time constraints tho - i am well behind.

    so well done

  2. Thanks very much for your comments, I am actually thinking now that it would be very useful to do the survey, especially as this will give me another dimension to the information that I am collecting from the interviews and my initial analysis of some of the documentation I am reading.