Friday, June 5, 2009

Week 13

This stage of the course has been really good as it is the practical part of the evaluation plan. Over the past couple of weeks I have had the opportunity in interviewing an educational expert and also three lecturers that are already involved in elearning at the Polytechnic. I chose lecturers that had different levels of experience with elearning and also from three different areas which has also made it more interesting, but also valuable in terms of seeing whether or not they had the same views on some of my questions.

Within my original evaluation plan, I had said that I would look at documentation and carry out the interviews and would survey students in the future due to the short timeframe allocated for the course. However, I decided last week that I would survey students as I felt that I was missing a key link in my evaluation plan if I did not do that at the same time. Although my sample size was small (eleven students), I still think that it has been beneficial to have their views of technology and education.

I have collated the information from the students, which I will post as a separate document. This has not been fully analysed, but it is a start!

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