Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FOC09 - After the event!

My event which was part of the mini conference for Facilitating Online Communities 2009 was held yesterday. The topic for the session was Use of Wikis in education. Hillary Jenkins presented information on how wikis have been used within the Diploma of Applied Travel and Tourism, Otago Polytechnic. Through her presentation, Hillary spoke of the importance of ‘building an online community’, both with the students on the course, but also through collaboration of information on the wiki. I will write a further post regarding the event and my learning of online communities.


  1. how did hilary suggest you build through collaboration of information on the wiki rachel? sounds very valuable.

  2. Thanks for your comment Willie. Hillary said that it was much easier to build a community with people who may want to add material or collaborate if you had a generic subject, whereas with Tourism they were finding it more difficult. Saying that, they have had contact from people around the globe that are interested in the course though. With students, it was being able to encourage them, but same old story if it is not part of assessment so much harder.